7 Contractor Renovation


"Our customer's satisfaction is our greatest commitment."
- Alex Vita.
Since our foundation, this phrase is what moves us daily. Nothing for us makes sense if what we deliver does not satisfy our client.
Each project is unique, so we try to understand the desires and goals in order to adapt the best scope of work, selection of materials and budget in order to be the way to achieve its objectives.
This is our difference: We are the way and not the obstacle!
Count on us on your next project!



“Start small, think big and grow fast.”

It was with this phrase in mind that our founder, Alex Vita when he started 7 Contractor, in 2014.
Ever since that, the Brazilian entrepreneur who started the company as a sub-contractor in renovating houses for lease has seen the company grow. It created several work teams and the business opportunities occurred to multiply.
Since 2016 we’ve been perfecting a service unit particularly dedicated to home remodeling for Fix & Flip Investors. This unit in 3 years delivered more than 80 projects throughout Florida.
With the Headquarter located in Tampa, FL, 7 Contractor operates primarily on the West Coast of Florida and its business units serve Builders, Insurance Companies, Banks, Investors in Real Estate and Home Leasing Companies. 


Our mission is to fully satisfy our clients in their construction and/or remodeling projects needs;


Our vision is to be recognized as the main strategic partner, growing our structure with people, management and technology to meet the demands of our clients and investors;


Honesty in Relationships, Creativity in Solutions, Responsibility for Our Acts and Longevity in Relationships;
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